Service Plans

Free Plans

Most users and businesses don't need to pay for the service. Any user can post a new question or comment, browse or search existing questions, or report service abuses. Business users and other authorized users can post questions and answers.

Premium Plans

We currently don't offer premium plans. We plan to launch premium plans or add advertisements to the site. If we offer premium plans, our price will be low. Users who sign up in 2020 will receive 50% off for the first 3 years of service.

Premium users can link to their websites or product pages in their answers, provided they offer high quality answers. These links are regular links and are very beneficial for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). For users who sign up in 2020, it will be free.

Answers by premium members are considered more trustworthy than those by free members, if everything else being equal. Thus, they will have a higher chance showing up in search results.