Real Q&A Platform for Products and Services

PrQnA.comTM is a real Q&A platform for products and services, offered by Drive Headquarters Inc.

  • Users can ask questions about how to use a product / service.
  • Businesses can offer high quality answers to help their potential customers. (Businesses incl. manufacturers, service providers, resellers and professionals)
  • Users can find high-quality or authoritative answers by manufacturers and service provider; businesses can help customers while marketing their products/services.
  • Businesses can post product FAQs and manuals to help potential customers.
What Questions & Answers Can Be Posted on PrQnATM?

PrQnATM focuses on questions & answers related with how to use a product / service, including any trouble-shooting tips.

  • Users should not ask other types of questions, such as questions related with politics, culture, sports, health and entertainment industries, etc.
  • Answers should be written for average users, helping them learn how to use a product / service. It should not try to teach users about how to program.
  • Answers should be based on facts, not opinions.
  • Do not answer a question if you are not very familiar with the product. We encourage manufacturers, service providers, vendors and professionals to provide authoritative answers.
  • External links to your company website is allowed; links to other websites are not allowed.

About Drive Headquarters Inc.

DriveHQ is a leading Enterprise Cloud IT Service provider. It offers very broad cloud IT features, incl. Cloud File Server/WebDAV Drive Mapping service.

DriveHQ's CameraFTP division is a leading Cloud Surveillance service provider. Security cameras are not secure unless they record to the Cloud, otherwise, an intruder can easily destroy the cameras.

With DriveHQ protecting your data and CameraFTP protecting your physical assets, what do you have to worry about?